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Key Barcelona Apartments

Real Estate Agency

Real estate services
in Barcelona

Buy, sell and rent your flat in Barcelona

We support you in all processes of your real estate investments

Together we identify the best properties for sale in the Barcelona market.

We renovate them and generate a return on investment together.

We adapt to your expectations, residential projects, rental projects, purchase and resale projects.

We share with you our market analysis, banking, legal and tax advice.

Our partners in the success of your investment have been rigorously screened and selected through our own real estate operations.

Some figures and statistics

Income generated per year:
1 500 000€

Capital invested since 2011:
15 000 000€

Assets created

90 real estate projects
completed since 2011

A team of
20 employees

100 flats
under management

120 rooms

6 good reasons to invest and live in Barcelona

1- Environment

2400 hours of sunshine per year.

4 km of carefully maintained beaches. Barcelona, an intelligent city with a policy of developing renewable energy, city management, biomedicine and sustainable technologies.

European Innovation Capital 2014.

2- Accessibility

Excellent connections with EU countries.
State-of-the-art infrastructure - road, rail and air links
One of the most developed public transport networks in Europe (metro, bus, shuttle)
Daily air links to all European capitals.
A TGV link with Paris in 6 hours.

3- Tourism

7.2 million visitors in 2019.
Europe's leading port for cruise ships, with over 2.6 million passengers.
3rd European tourist destination after London and Paris
According to the TRIP ADVISOR ranking, Barcelona is the 5th most attractive city in the world for tourists.

4- Art of living

A complete cultural offer with 78 museums including the Picasso Museum, the work of Gaudi and the Miró Foundation, 46 theatres and one of the most prestigious opera houses in Europe.

A high quality education system.

Universal medical coverage for all residents.
World-renowned Mediterranean cuisine.

5- Real estate in Barcelona

Excellent opportunities due to the lack of liquidity in the local market.
Purchase prices per m2 2 to 3 times cheaper than other major European capitals.

Low risk of asset devaluation in the medium and long term thanks to the consolidation of the "Barcelona" brand, joining the 20 largest capitals such as New York, Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo, etc.

6- Tranquility

Barcelona has held the title of the city with the best quality of life for employees for 14 years. Friendly people who speak English and French widely.
A multitude of public green spaces and pedestrian areas throughout the city.
Soft routes (bikes, rollerblades, skateboards etc.) accessible everywhere.

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