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Real estate agency specialising in property renovation management in Barcelona

Works, renovations and constructions.

Do you need to renovate a flat or house in Barcelona?

The Key Barcelona construction team carries out exterior work, building facades, terraces and patios.

It also specialises in interior renovations and flat fittings.


You need to find the right balance between purchase price, works and final result to make a good real estate or rental investment.

Key Barcelona Constructions with its refurbishment or renovation service helps you to visualise the potential of a flat. We make estimates according to your budget and the final destination of your flat.

  • Tourist flat,
  • Student residence,
  • Main residence.


You want to make an investment with a good return, you have found a flat and you want a complete renovation?

Redistributing spaces, airing out volumes, bringing in light, covering, sanitaryware, taps, tiles, kitchen and bathroom equipment, we take care of everything, from making contact to carrying out the work.

Work is necessary to improve your rental profitability, to maximise the sale price or simply to live well.

What type of work for your flat or house?

Refreshment & Equipment

from 350€/m².

You have found the flat that corresponds to your project but you wish to refresh it and/or equip the kitchen and the bathroom.

Refreshment of the whole property, floor, wall, ceiling, cleanliness of the kitchen and bathroom. This formula allows you to bring your flat up to date at a lower cost.


  • General painting of the flat, including doors and windows,
  • Installation of a new parquet floor,
  • Complete bathroom, shower, sink and toilet, floor and interior shower wall of standard quality (tiles, finish etc...),
  • Overhaul of the entire electrical circuit, change of mechanisms,
  • Overhaul of all plumbing and heating installations.

Complete renovation

from 850€/m².

The complete renovation includes the characteristics of the refurbishment with superior materials and finishing qualities, as well as the personalized advice of our architect and our construction manager.

  • General painting of the flat,
  • Replacement of the doors and windows (double glazing) in high quality aluminium with shutters,
  • Plan and rearrangement of the space, opening, separation etc...
  • Installation of a new parquet floor, complete bathroom,
  • Complete replacement of the entire electrical installation and mechanisms.
  • Renovation of all the plumbing installations Kitchen cupboard, oven, worktop, Duo fridge, ceramic hob, extractor hood, dishwasher, stainless steel sink,
  • Installation of convertible air conditioners.

Implementation & referencing Simplébo


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