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How to rent a tourist flat or a student room?

Click on the link www.Keyinnapartments.com

Select the accommodation and make the reservation and payment online.

Contact us, our team will advise you.

How to search for a flat for sale?

These are the portals that concentrate 90% of the flats for sale in Barcelona:

- Idealista, habitaclia, pisos.com and fotocasa.es

KeyBarcelona through its network of agencies has access to some properties that will never be published on the internet.

However, we do most of our research on the portals listed above.


We strongly recommend that you analyse your financing options before you start.

Our banking partner is Sabadell. We will introduce you to our collaborator.

This is a crucial step in order to avoid wasting time and to directly target the properties you are entitled to.

How do I open my bank account?

Our banking partner is Sabadell, we will introduce you to our advisor to open a bank account quickly.

How do I get my EIN (Alien Identification Number)?

If you are in Spain, the NIE must be requested exclusively at the local National Police stations. The request for an appointment is made on the official website administracionespublicas.gob.es. Be careful, making an appointment is very difficult!

If you are not in Spain, the NIE must be applied for personally by the person concerned at the Spanish Consular authorities in the country of residence.

To do this, you must make an appointment at the Spanish Consulate closest to your home.

What are the costs involved in buying a property in Barcelona?

As a buyer you will have to pay the following costs:

  • Notary: You will have to pay the notary's fees. The notary's fees are taxes set by the State, the amount of which varies according to the value of the property,
  • Property Registry: Once the sale-purchase agreement has been signed, it must be registered in the property registry so that there is public notification of the change of ownership. The registration fees are not fixed and also vary according to the price of the property. They rarely exceed 1% of the final price. You can delegate this formality to an accounting firm (gestoría) by paying a fee.
  • ITP (Impuesto Transmisiones Patrimoniales): This is a tax that is the equivalent of transfer duties. It is payable in the case of a purchase of an old property. In Catalonia it amounts to 10% of the sale price and must be paid once the property has been signed by the notary. It can be paid at the notary's office or through a gestoría.
  • IVA (VAT): This tax is payable in the case of the purchase of a new home, it corresponds to 10% of the purchase price
  • Real estate credit (Hipoteca): If you buy the property with a mortgage, you will have to add the tax on Documented Legal Acts in addition to the costs that the bank will add (expert, opening costs...). The amount of this tax varies according to the region and ensures the registration of the mortgage in the property register. In Barcelona, the amount is 1.5% of the purchase price.

What documents do I need to obtain before signing the contract?

  • Cédula de habitabilidad: document that certifies that the property is fit for habitation
  • Energy certificate (equivalent to the DPE): document indicating the energy expenditure of the dwelling
  • Nota simple informativa: Document issued by the Property Registry that indicates who is the owner of a certain property, the charges that may be placed on the property (e.g. mortgage) and a brief description of the property. This document can be obtained from the Property Registry (for €3.64 directly from the Barcelona Property Registry)
  • A recent receipt for condominium fees and the latest I.B.I. (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) property tax receipt
  • The latest minutes of the co-ownership meeting to find out about any work voted on or exceptional charges planned
  • ITE. Certificate of suitability of the building

Who decides with which notary the sale will be signed?

The choice of notary is up to the buyer. As the buyer you must notify the seller at least one week before the date and place of signing.

What do I have to do once I have signed the purchase of the property?

Once signed, you have 30 days as the new owner to pay the ITP. You will then have to register the property in the Property Registry. You should then contact the property manager (Administrador de fincas) as soon as possible to inform them of your identity and bank details so that they can set up the direct debit of the condominium charges (usually every quarter). Finally, you will need to change the holder of your water, electricity and gas contracts. To do this, it will be useful to ask the vendor on the day of signing for the contracts for these different services or, failing that, for a copy of the latest invoices showing the contract numbers.

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